Fully integrated

Refinery Laboratory

Optimally purified

Repurposing through beneficiation

Refining consists of the purification of impure metals.

We provide the best of well-polished and touched-up metals.

Unique integration of technology

Precious metal refining is the separation of precious metals from noble metalliferous materials. Ores or metal alloys are a few examples amongst other materials that can be purified. Precious metals are also extracted from catalysts, loaded carbon and electronic assemblies.

Our unique integration of technology helps to fasten and provide the best of well-polished and touched-up metals that are made right from scrap to what they are now.

We specialize in refining metals from scrap to polishing sweeps, from the smallest karted scrap lot to the largest, we employ the use of advanced technology to provide you with the maximum in returns with the most competitive charges. We also offer prompt service and numerous settlement options including wire transfer, cash and accounts.